Rocket League Season 3 update!

Psyonix released their major Season 3 update for rocket league just a couple of days ago featuring new crates, cars, rank resets, and a new game mode. This is an annual update for Psyonix who start a new season and release a new game mode with a major patch every 12 months or so.

First off, the new game mode; Drop Shot. Drop shot is a 3v3 game mode which has players in an octagon arena with no goals. Instead of scoring traditionally players instead aim to hit (dunk) the ball into their opponent’s half of the field to first make large tiles change color. Once a tile has changed to their team color, another successful hit will make the floor fall through. Players can still drive over these holes in the field but they are now considered the goals and if the ball is hit through it counts as a goal. However, after scoring, the team that scored, their side of the field doesn’t reset which means after a long rally without a score, one goal can be very quickly answered with an equalizer. Its fast-paced crazy fun and really allows players to show off their raw freestyle ability.

Now, the new create. The ‘Player’s Choice’ create makes its first appearance containing player chosen items. The case contains three cars including the redesigned variants of the Dominus, Octane, and Breakout, along with at least one decal for each car. On top of that the case also contains a variety of other popular decals and wheels, as well as the illusive mystery decal.

Finally, the rank reset has taken effect in order to begin the new season. This means every player, regardless of previous rank has been pushed back to unranked and must grind their way back to the top. But not to worry, for more skilled players the climb will be more achievable as the 10 unranked games will allow you to start at a higher rank than the newer players.  And for new players this is the time to play as the rankings haven’t evenly distributed yet and you’ll exposed to a number of players at different skill levels and there is also a spike in player activity. Furthermore, to mark the end of a season wheels have been distributed to past players for every division that they achieved during last season; not where they finished.

As an avid Rocket League player I enjoy these resets as it promotes more players to return to the game and allows my doubles partner and I to start over and try for a higher rank this season! For more gaming news keep checking in at Digital Fire Games.

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