Escape From Tarkov: New “Scav” Game Mode Announced!

Battlestate Games, the developers behind Escape From Tarkov have lifted the Material Publication ban on Content creators and Streamers as of Yesterday, March 24th,2017. If you are a Youtuber or Twitch Broadcaster, you now have free reign to cover the game in it’s entirety. With the NDA lift comes details of a new patch dropping in the coming days, that is bringing a number of features to the game. These features include:

  • Scav Mode: Can be selected once per hour. This gives you the ability to play as a “Scav” and not risk Player Inventory when entering raids.
  • New Weapons: SKS, MPX & the DVL-10 Saboteur
  • New Health Effects: Tremors, Bleeding, Pain Visual Effects
  • Fatigue from Aiming Down Sights
  • New Skills: Endurance, Strength, Vitality, Health, Stress Resistance, Metabolism

Images from the New “Scav” Gameplay have been uploaded to the official site

This patch brings along new AI fixes, and gameplay changes as well. You can read the entire Patch Notes when the patch is released (Rumored to be next week)

Taken from the official announcement:

“Scavs are Tarkov locals who decided to walk the path of bandits. Essentially, a Scav is a side character which can deliver you an entirely different gameplay experience. Equipment, weapons, place and time of Scav spawning on location are set randomly.

The most important thing about playing as Scav is that if you get killed in the raid, you will not lose anything from your main character’s possessions, and if you survive, you can add whatever you looted to the cache.

In other words, this is an alternative way to find and save items and to take part in combat, but without constant fear of losing everything that was found or brought into the Raid.”

The “Scav” Gear seems to be limited to incomplete weaponry for balancing effects

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