Who am I?

My name is Anthony and I’m an Australian living in Melbourne, Victoria. My interest in games media and the industry stretches back as far as my love of games itself. In 2001 one of my best mates introduced me to a PC game called “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon” and it was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had to date. This makes me a die hard fan of the tactical shooter genre, from Operation Flashpoint to Arma 3, and all of the Tom Clancy games I’ve definitely played my fair share of them. On PC I also play many RTS games whether AAA or indie, with Total Annihilation being my first RTS (and I argue still the best), I’ve also played my fair share of those. Beyond PC I own a PS4 and use it sparingly. Typically to play RPG’s (Mass Effect: Andromeda is next on the list), as I like the couch environment, and to play more casual shooters like Battlefield 1 (god forbid I know) with mates.

I started writing for Digital Fire Games as a bit of a hobby. I enjoy videogames, the industry surrounding them, and have studied a Diploma in Video Game Design and Development. I feel this background allows me to see some games in a different light and appreciate them for what the developer has created, rather than the hype that communities have a habit of creating these days. And with that comes a sense of appreciation for some, though definitely not all, of the major titles that are released.

So there’s a quick bit about me and what kinds of games I enjoy playing, though I feel it’s important to say that with a steam library of 194 and 30 odd Playstation 4 games I like to spread myself across as many genres as I can!

I’ll be watching the comments section below so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to post them there, or you can also follow me on Twitter and tweet @antg_DFG, and I’ll be sure to answer you!


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