AMD Ryzen: Intel killer or another failed attempt?


With the release of AMD’s new CPU line up, the question of who own the gaming market is put on the table in front of everyone. The new line up consists of:

  • 1800x a 8-core 3.6ghz processor for $499
  • 1700x a 8-core 3.4ghz processor for $399
  • 1700 a 8-core 3ghz processor for $329

(all prices are in USD)
The entire line up of Ryzen processors are 8-core 16 thread processors with the goal of bringing octa-core to the main stream. While 8-core processors are very good for multitasking processes, but they are not utilized in gaming task most of which only use one single core.

Intel over the last few generations has owned the market for gaming CPUs with there strong single core performance and higher clock speeds. Intel goes for higher clock speeds while having less cores. The Intel CPUs that this AMD line up is trying to attack are priced much higher. The extreme edition CPUs are not what I would compare the line up to though. Instead lets look at the more affordable, more main stream CPUs that Intel sells. The i7-7700k priced at $339 is a quad core 4.2ghz CPU. this is the same price as the 1700 8-core Ryzen cpu, the i7 out clocks the 1700 by over 1ghz for $10 more. This 1ghz will significantly increase performance in games, but is half the cores. The top of the line Ryzen is still under clocked compared to the most current i7. Lets compare the Extreme edition to the 1800x now. The i7-6950x is a 10-core 3ghz processor for well over one thousand dollars. Compared the 1800x this i7 is under clocked and ridiculously over priced, there is no real reason to ever by this extreme edition CPU of the Ryzen 1800x. You could use that money to buy a Titan XP and have a top of the line gaming rig for years to come.
While that makes them the better multitasking CPU how does that compete against Intel in core to core performance. Intel still remains king in the gaming market in my honest opinion. With higher clocking per core and a great price to performance coming out of the recent i7 processors they seem like a no brainer for most gamers.
AMD gererally tend to lean towards more cores with the power per core being weaker. This has placed AMD at the top of the multitasking market though. Their CPUs are second to none in the areas where multitasking is a necessity. More core for a cheaper price makes the AMD line up the best there has ever been for multitasking. With all of that being send this new line-up from AMD will push the market back into innovation instead of this complacency that Intel has gotten into.  The last comparison I always look at is price to performance. At this moment we don’t have benchmarks out for the Ryzen CPU line-up but id be willing to bet they win the price to performance battle for the time being.
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