New Nvidia GPU Announcement?

MSI has teased an image of a new small form factor GTX 1080. The image seems to be a mini GPU based on the latest Nvidia architecture, Pascal. With the launch of Nvidias Pascal architecture the GPU market has seen a huge increase in speed and reliability. With the rumors of a small form factor release of Pascal around the corner the market for small cases seems even smarter. With the recent infatuation with small form factor PCs at an all time high the “Mini 1070/1080” could make that market hit an all time power spike. MSI  teased this image earlier on there facebook page:

The image shows a blacked out GPU in the foreground and a blurry MSI’s GeForce GTX 1080 Aero 8G OC card in the rear. This image tells us that MSI (and most likely all other GPU manufactures) are weeks away from a Mini 10 series announcement. At this point everything is speculation so stay tuned to for up to date news on these rumors.

MSI photo:

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