What does the future hold for Call of Duty?

With Activision Blizzards Q4 press conference came along news about Call of Duty 2017. Activision was disappointed in the sales coming out of Infinite Warfare and the space setting as a whole. They said the game will be going “back to its roots” We all hope that this means the game will be set in a war that has already happened, with weapons we all know exist.


They confirmed that Sledgehammer games will be at the helm in this development cycle. Sledgehammer was the head development team for Modern Warfare 3 after the big collapse of Infinity Ward during the Modern Warfare 2 life cycle. Sledgehammer also developed the “Fan Favorite” Advanced Warfare…


The most important thing we got out of this press conference was that we are going to be getting a boots on the ground game out of Call of Duty this year, and hopefully for the remainder of the franchise. Activision also stated that there will be a reveal coming soon for the 2017 Call of Duty but did not give a date. After the last few games have taken place in the future and have flopped, the development teams seemingly have taken notice. The upcoming games should have a familiar setting with the hopes being from the World War 2 era. Fans of the series will take any time period over “future warfare.”

The latest era of Call of Duty has a real stain on a franchise that was the definitive shooter for the average gamer. During the time from Modern Warfare to Black Ops 1, the Call of Duty franchise was arguably the best shooter on the market. No other shooter came close in sales or player-base. At this time though, people started to ask for change, they asked for a change up in what everyone saw as a repetitive game with no variation from year-to-year. This is what caused the current change in the series. Now that everyone has expressed their opinion on both versions of what the series has to offer, maybe we can get back to the roots of what Call of Duty originally was. A Semi-Tactical twitch shooter.

We will keep an eye on this story as it develops in the coming months so be sure to stayed tuned to Digitalfiregames.com and leave a comment down below tell us if you’re interested in this years CoD being boots on the ground or are you just done with the franchise all together?

Activisions website: https://www.activision.com/

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