Insurgency Sandstorm: Vehicles, Campaign and Bullet Drop Details!

New World Interactive has finally released some long awaited details regarding their upcoming tactical shooter, Insurgency Sandstorm, set to make its console and PC debut in 2018. Among the media release, we got a more in depth look into the campaign and also got to see some concept art. Links to their Media release are below.


One of the Concept Art shots accompanying the campaign set up

Along with the Screenshots and concept art, we got a look into some of the features coming to Sandstorm, including changes to the way the weapons fire and handle. One of the biggest changes is the switch from “hitscan” to a more realistic, “Bullet Drop, Bullet Travel” system that we see in some more modern shooters. This takes the game in an even more realistic direction, with larger maps to accompany these changes.

Along with the larger maps, the inclusion of vehicles is another shake-up to the foundation that made Insurgency famous. Vehicles drastically change gameplay flow, and although we have no information on said vehicles, you can rest assured that vehicles will effect the core of the game.

Another concept shot of an attack on a pick-up truck

The most effective change I have seen with this sequel is the addition of Competitive Rankings, Anti- Cheat, and Competitive Matchmaking. With the rise of E-sports, and the domination of games like CS:GO & Rainbow Six, one can only hope that Insurgency Sandstorm brings back true to form, tactical competitive gameplay. Competitive Insurgency was handled by outside groups like DGL back in the day, but never really took off without an official footing from the Developers. This time around, I hope things are different.

The first concept art showing the potential Protagonist

New to the franchise is a Single Player/Co-Op campaign, complete with a fleshed out storyline and narrative. Details were scarce, however the main overview of the story, is you play as a female protagonist(First of its kind in a Military style shooter) who gets separated from her sister during a Sandstorm, and gets recruited into a rebel faction on her journey.

The story overview and the concept art lead me to believe this story will be dark and gritty, which is a welcome change from the over the top Militaristic “HEY YEAH AMERICA!” Military shooters we get every year. I hope NWI does a good job telling this story.

A couple screenshots were shown off, with a couple other concept art pictures in the article. Stay tuned to DFG, as we get even more information regarding Insurgency Sandstorm in the future!

New World Interactive’s website:

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