Is Skate 4 set for an E3 Reveal?

EA’s Senior Community Manager has tweeted “#skate4” causing mass hype and speculation on the return of the beloved Skate franchise.

It has been 7 years since gamers last picked up a board, in EA’s Skate 3. Let that sink in. One of EA’s most slept on, cult classic franchises has been benched all these years, with nothing filling the void. Not even Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 could do the skateboarding genre justice. With no game filling the slot, it only makes sense that EA’s most requested title make an appearance.

The biggest issue comes from the development side, as studio “EA Black Box” was shut down in 2013, due to company restructuring. This begs the question: Who will lead the team that brings Skate back to the spotlight?

If this tweet is alluding to an impending announcement, the next logical spot to showcase and announce the game would be at E3 2017. Stay tuned to DFG for more info on this developing story.

  1. According to IGN and other game sites, looks like Stake 4 is NOT in development.

    So… yeah. Perhaps the tweet was simply wishful thinking on the CM’s part. Or maybe he was trying to get a positive reaction he could send to the higher ups at EA so development could start in the near future. Can only speculate.

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