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It seems that the outcry of support towards boots on the ground gameplay is being heard throughout the Industry. With more and more WWII shooters on the horizon, this marketplace is about to return to square one. I got a chance to check out Days of War a few days ago, and these are my thoughts going into the Early Access launch.



Days of War touts a “challenging recoil” system, and once you get your hands on your first assault rifle, you feel that as soon as you pull the trigger. Spray and pray is a thing of the past when it comes to Days of War. If you want to rack kills onto the scoreboard, you need to control the spray of your weapon a lot more than traditional FPS games. It makes for intense firefights, especially when you have two newer players trying to kill one another. This recoil system is a welcomed change from the traditional FPS shooters we play today.


Currently, as far as I can tell, there are 4 maps in the game, each with their own clever layout and design. These maps have intricate housing layouts, complete with multi-level staircases and balconies, which adds a level of vertical gameplay to the map. Most maps have multiple choke points, but offer players a longer, more hidden path to take to flank the enemies. In one level, Kayserberg, there is an underground sewer system, and although the water makes you louder, you can keep your head down from snipers covering the choke points above.


There are 9 classes to choose from, ranging from Assasult to Marksman to Rocketeer. Each class comes with every weapon unlocked, which shifts the focus from Time played to complete skill. Veterans of the game who choose to learn these weapon recoils will destroy newer players trying to learn the ropes with skill, and not an unfair gear/XP advantage, which I can completely side with.

The Character/ Class Select Screen


As of writing this, the game’s embargo has been lifted, and the game is now available for purchase on Steam for $24.99 USD. At the current moment, with 4 maps, 9 Classes and Dedicated Server hosting, this game is launching in the price range that I would put it in. I would have loved to see a $19.99 USD, but the $24.99 is still a reasonable price to pay for a classic, Old School, Fun shooter.

As always, with Early Access games, you are taking a risk. Nobody can predict the future, and that is why I will always caution potential buyers with this note. DFG does not endorse, Sponsor or co-sign Early Access games. We can give you opinions on what we think at the time of writing, but things could drastically change in the future.

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