Top 5 Early Access Games Launching in 2017

The idea of the Early Access platform on Steam has left a bad taste in my mouth for far too long. If you are a fan of my channel you know that my specialty comes from destroying the Early Access developers that abuse the platform with the absolute toxicity of half-baked, incomplete messes. With this criticism comes a lot of people who find me to be overly negative, so I thought I should cover my Top 5 Early Access games launching in 2017. As always, dates get delayed, and seeing as this is the Early Access platform, I would almost guarantee that this list will change in the coming months.

5. Conan Exiles

Ever since Funcom announced their open world survival game, the hype has grown more and more each day. Even though the survival genre has been over-saturated in recent years, Conan Exiles looks to take on the naysayers with an established Franchise backing itself up. Launching on January 30th,2017 for $29.99 USD, you can bet that DFG will be covering this title in-depth! For those who are looking at picking this game up, Bigfry will be hosting a Fry Nation Public RP Server for you all to enjoy!

4. Days of War

Looking to take the FPS genre back to its roots with fast paced WW2 action, Days of War offers a plethora of old school features to keep true FPS fans happy. from challenging recoil to objective based gameplay. Driven Arts, the Developer/Publisher are priding themselves on immersive WW2 battles, utilizing Unreal Engine 4 to get the job done. One of the best things I have heard about this title is the fact that all weapons come unlocked right out of the gate, making skill on the mouse and keyboard the number one determining factor in Life vs Death. Launching on January 26th, 2017 for $25.00 USD, Days of War will be on DFG’s radar in the months ahead.

3. The Exiled

Developed by Fairytale Distillery, The Exiled, previously known as “Dastal” is a a top down MMORPG that focuses on skill based PVP combat. The initial draw to this game for me was the art style. It is very reminiscent of an Age of Empires, or a more colorful, brighter Diablo. The game features player run clans, city building & sieging, player crafted equipment, and boasts 15 different class combinations, to allow players to battle any way they please. Launching on February 23rd,2017 with no price confirmed as of yet, The Exiled is looking to be one of those hidden gems of 2017!

2. Battalion 1944

In similar fashion to Days of War, Battalion is a WW2 FPS that was also a successful Kickstarter project in 2016. Although Days of War will be beating Battalion to the punch, in my opinion, Battalion looks like a more polished product. With an alpha date set for Q2 2017, one thing is for sure: WW2 shooters are back. What sets Battalion apart from Days of War is the implementation of BattleRank. BR is a system that allows players to compete in Seasonal Ladders, completing objectives to unlock XP and cosmetic rewards. The great thing about BR is it allows Teams to compete, as well as the lone wolves. Battalion prides itself on Raw skill gameplay, in similar fashion to Days of War, which is great, but as we all know… In the gaming community, there can only be one top dog.


SCUM is the latest in open world multiplayer survival, that manages to elude the consumers when it comes to heavy details. The game is being created by Gamepires and Croteam, with backing from Devolver Digital. The environments and character models look great, and with a heavy focus on character customization, SCUM is shaping up to be something special. While a lot of talk around this game is chalked up to speculation, We can take some quotes from the developers over on the Steam Discussion HUB. Deda Stojko, had this to say, when asked to describe what SCUM is:

“SCUM is designed for thousands hours of game-play time with gradual skill progression (game will have three different types of experience points). We started with premise that all people are unique, so your character will be unique too (SCUM has RPG character customization system). Even if you clone your character, after 10+ hours of game-play when metabolism and environment influences kick in, they will evolve into different characters” – Deda Stojko

So while a lot of information about the game is still missing, you can see that the ambition for this project is outstanding, and I myself am very anxious to see more details in the coming months!

So there are my Top 5 Most Anticipated Early Access games of 2017? What do you guys think of the list? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

  1. Battalion 1944 needs polish, then again the footage displayed is around 1 year old at this point. The developers have not released any other game play trailers to my knowledge.

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