Rainbow Six New Map Trailer: Operation Velvet Shell Coastline

Ubisoft has just released the trailer for their newest Rainbow Six: Siege map, Operation Velvet Shell Coastline. You can check the teaser down below.

The map looks like an island resort, complete with dance club, Cocktail bar, outdoor pools, and lots of rooms to destroy Blackbeard’s nerfed shields in. When the map pans out, you can see the verticality of the map on display. Even though it was a 26 second teaser, you are given quite a bit of information about the map design.

At the end of the Teaser, it shows a “Live Panel & Demo” date, scheduled for February 3-5, 2017 which means it will be shown off at the Rainbow Six Invitational in Montreal, Quebec.


Check out the Teaser below!

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